French & Indian War Encampment Transports
Custaloga Town to Eighteenth Century
June 21   
The woodlands near Utica filled with alliances and battles between the French,
British, Natives and Colonials of  1760s western PA last weekend. For two days
the public was treated to numerous historical reenactors eager to share their love
of  history. The area along French Creek played a part in the war that preceeded
the American Revolution, including a journey by the young British officer Lt.
George Washington to a French fort with the demand that they depart the region.
They refused, and America was soon embroiled in the French & Indian War.
Washington's youthful experiences in this war prepared the professional surveyer
for his leadership role in the Revolutionary War.
Dan Kerr of  Erie flew the French
fleur-de-lis before the firing of  cannons,
which closed out the events of  the day.
A pair of  Percherons
visitors from the parking
area to the campsite,
where dozens of  
costumed enthusiasts
shared their wares and
knowledge with
hundreds of  visitors.
British soldiers Rob
Fusia and Barney
Bookrath (right) of  
Pittsburgh prepare the
cannon for firing.
French cannoneers
Mike and Barry Smock
(top) of  Pittsburgh
cover their ears before
the artillary fires.
The commander of  the French Grenadiers congratulates  
his soldiers following the historic battle recreation versus
the British and the American colonists.
The battle participants command the attention
of  a little twenty-first century girl.
The simple
diet of  
soldiers in
was on
display in
Loud explosions rang out from the three
cannons during a demonstration.
A battle recreation
from the French &
Indian War included
volleys from the French
while their Native allies
maneuvered to flank
the British and
American soldiers on
the hill. Although they
fired blanks, the
muskets still required
loading after each shot
The elite French unit,
cannon at the end of  
the weekend's festivities
and learning activities.